Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm so sorry...

Hey nerds! I want to start off by saying I am so sorry it has been over a week since my last post. I will admit, I have been pretty busy this week and could not find the time to A) get very far in my current illustration, and B) write a post about how my next illustration will be late. I started working on one with all of the ladies from Mass Effect, so that won't be done until the end of the month at least, but I will promise a finished Espeon this week.
A lot has been going on with me recently. I've been looking up schools that I can transfer to that will offer me an illustration major, but finding art schools in the middle of nowhere has been tricky. I also took a day to enjoy the 4th of July with fireworks in the Dells! I haven't been able to enjoy an Independence day for a long time, so that was very much needed.
Lately, I have been struggling with insomnia again, so I have been exploiting those late hours of being awake to slave away at my very exciting Mass Effect project I have planned. Although, it has been messing with my inner clock. I've been waking up in the afternoons and that really isn't the greatest thing for my emotional, or physical, health. If this post seems all over the place, that's because it is a reflection of my crazy self at the moment.
Anyhow, since I do not have any illustrations to show you, how about a sketch I did of the Mass Effect character Legion? This came from a book I have called 642 Things to Draw. There was a page where it says to draw a robot, so I drew Legion. It's not really anything special, so I'll post a sneak peak of the Mass Effect project too, just for a little teaser.
Well, I hope you all had a lovely 4th, and I will see you soon with a finished Espeon!
As always, sincerely,
-Your Misfit

Legion from Mass Effect sketch.

Mass Effect sneak peak!

Friday, June 26, 2015


     Hello nerds! I feel really bad because I was working on this really cool Espeon illustration that I was gonna post yesterday because of the  Pokémon eeveeloution challenge I got myself into, but I got distracted by a completely different project that I decided to work on instead. I just want to say that I apologize, but the Espeon will be delayed for a bit, but I do have a that other project that I decided to work on instead done.
     So instead of Espeon, I have this cute little Markiplier fan art thing that I did for nonstop in the course of 3 DAYS! For those of you who don't know who that is, Markiplier is a famous youtuber who does sketch-comedy and lets plays and has over 8 million subscribers. He also does charity live-stream events, so he's a super cool guy.
     Just to describe the picture a little bit, a while back, Mark posted pictures and videos of himself and his family's dog Lucy. I don't exactly know why I chose to do this, but I figured it would be cute and Markiplier fans would like it. So there you go! I hope this is an ok excuse for getting off track from my eeveeloution challenge, but I promise I will get back to that.
     If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email me at Have a good one!

-Your Misfit
     Full Markiplier illustration

Close up of the illustration. (Notice the Tine Box Tim banana)

Actual picture of Markiplier and Lucy.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 1: Leafeon

     What's up, nerds? I have finished my first eeveeloution from the Pokémon challenge I started. So here is Leafeon. I am not terribly happy with it because if I gave myself more time for each eeveeloution, they would be a lot better, but I hope you enjoy it. I have already started on the next one, which will be Espeon because it was requested by a friend of mine.
     Well, I'm going to get back to work, but I will see you next week with a finished Espeon! If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me at

-Your Misfit

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hey fellow nerds! Today I'm gonna talk about Pokémon! Well, not really, but I do have something coming up that Pokémon fans may like. I have decided to try a Pokémon challenge and illustrate my own versions of the Eeveeloutions! So every week I will upload a new Eeveeloution illustration, in order of whichever one I decide to draw that week. This may be tough doing one illustration a week, but I am going to try my best and give YOU my best.
The reason why I decided on the Eeveeloutions, is because one of my absolute favorite Pokémon is Jolteon. I have already made an adorable realistic baby version of Jolteon just for fun, which I have posted below, but I will do another legitimate illustration of Jolteon later because I don't think this counts. Maybe when I'm done, I'll keep doing more Pokémon, but for now, let's just stick with Eeeveeloutions.
Well, I should be off. Let the Pokémon challenge begin!
Also, feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments, or questions anytime at!

-Your Misfit
Baby Jolteon Illustration by Me!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lets get started.

Hey, welcome to 8bit misfit! What is 8bit Misfit you say? Pretty much, it's me trying to figure out how to adult. Apparently I have decided that my life is interesting enough to share it to the world, so here I am. I am a 23 year old nerdy college art student and I am hella awkward. Proper communication skills jumped right over me during childhood development, so now I'm just a nutty little weirdo that doesn't understand how words work, not to mention eye contact. I've just always been different. An outcast. A misfit. But thanks to the internet, I have discovered that I am not alone in the world. There are hundreds of other nutty little weirdos out there just like me! And that is both exciting, and terrifying.
Now I’m going to be honest, starting this blog makes me a bit nervous. I have all of these “what ifs” in my head.
“What if people don’t like me?”
“What if no one reads this?”
“What if I say something stupid and get made fun of and end up regretting it for the rest of my anxiety-ridden life?”
Well, I’m done with “what ifs”. I am gonna start doing for a change, and I want to take you along for the ride, if you will allow me. If you join me, you will read about thinks like:
·        My countless awkward situations.
·        My battle with shyness and anxiety.
·        Opinions on nerdy & pop culture topics.
·        Artwork
·        The daily struggle of trying to be an adult.

If you don’t stick with me, then you can go suck a lemon for all I care. Just kidding, I am completely fine with that. I want to make it clear that I am not doing this for a vision of fame or thousands of readers. I simply want to start something that is mine and I can be proud of, maybe even make a few friends along the way. If you are interested, I encourage you to contact me at for any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi.
Well, I hope you enjoy this because I am excited, and scared, to share this adventure with you. So, let’s get started!

                                                                                      -Your Misfit.
(New content on Thursday)